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Avionics Test And Components

Minimum Education Requirement: High school diploma or GED with 15 college credits


The U.S. Air Force employs some of the most sophisticated aircraft on the planet. These planes in turn employ sophisticated systems and electronics that must be perfectly calibrated to ensure mission success. As an Avionics Test and Components specialist, your job will be to inspect, maintain and calibrate everything from logic boards to weapons control systems, as well as doing the same for your testing equipment. We don’t just have the best technology in the world, we also have the best people maintaining it.

Career Tasks

  • Maintain aircraft electronic equipment such as radar systems, communications/navigation systems, flight control systems and flight data recorder systems
  • Repair both the aircraft equipment and the associated test equipment
  • Test, repair, align and calibrate the pieces of main test equipment (test stations) and use various standard test equipment, e.g., oscilloscopes, digital voltmeters and RF measurement devices
  • Learn computer hardware, computer languages and electronics fundamentals

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