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Minimum Education Requirement: High school diploma or GED with 15 college credits


Accomplishing the Air Force mission requires over 300,000 Airmen doing thousands of jobs around the globe. Making sure they have the proper facilities and structures to do their jobs falls to Engineering specialists. In this role, you’ll help plan, manage and reward construction projects for a large variety of projects. At times, you’ll even create blueprints and construction plans yourself and then manage Air Force personnel as they build your design.

Career Tasks

  • Be proficient in construction surveying using conventional, Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and automated survey instruments for military construction to include project mapping operations, construction support surveys, road operations, road construction and building and utilities layout surveys
  • Skilled in conventional and computer-aided drafting (CAD), including applied engineering graphics; architectural, structural, and roadway drawings; materials estimating; and map overlays
  • Develop, operate and maintain Geographic Information System (GIS) modules
  • Evaluate potential construction sites and perform field tests on soils, asphalt and concrete
  • Manage and inspect construction and maintenance contracts
  • Transform ideas, rough sketches, specifications and calculations into complete and accurate construction drawings and specifications

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