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In-Flight Refueling

Minimum Education Requirement: High school diploma or GED with 15 college credits


Whether it’s B-2 bombers flying nonstop from Missouri to an oversees destination or a squadron of fighters on patrol over a combat zone, keeping those planes full of fuel and in the air is the job of In-flight Refueling specialists. Operating a specialized boom from the back of a KC-135, you’ll need a steady hand and cool nerves to hook up to another plane at 35,000 feet and pump thousands of gallons of jet fuel into it. It’s a difficult job but crucial to our ability to maintain air superiority around the globe.

Career Tasks

  • Become skilled in basic navigation procedures so you can assist the Combat Systems Officer in determining and maintaining the plane’s geographical position
  • Continually train in order to be effective in your Air Force mission
  • Fly training missions averaging four-and-a-half hours in duration

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