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Nondestructive Inspection (NDI)

Minimum Education Requirement: High school diploma or GED with 15 college credits


When a doctor looks at an x ray, they see inside a body. As a Nondestructive Inspection specialist, you’ll do a similar thing using everything from x rays to ultrasound to inspect jets, missiles, ground vehicles and more. A sharp mind and attention to detail are a must as it’s up to you to spot the smallest imperfections, wear and cracks that if missed could have catastrophic effects.

Career Tasks

  • Determine what test method to use and prepare fluids and parts for inspection
  • Analyze wear metal content on engine-lubricating oil and other fluids and recommend corrective action
  • Establish radiation areas for radiographic operations and compute and monitor personal exposure areas for radiographic operations and monitor personnel exposure data
  • Perform NDI on structures, components and systems
  • Detect cracks, delaminations, voids, processing defects and heat damage
  • Operate, maintain and inspect the nondestructive equipment and perform operator maintenance and service inspections on shop equipment and tools
  • Proficient in metals identification, detecting metal discontinuities and flaws, radiological safety and radiation monitoring procedures and interpreting technical orders and directives

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