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Special Operations Weather Team
(males only)

Minimum Education Requirement: High school diploma or GED


As a Special Operations Weather Team (SOWT) Specialist, you’ll be a battlefield Airman who works hand in hand with other special operations units providing the information they need to complete their missions. Using high-tech atmospheric instruments, you’ll retrieve data from radar and weather satellites and relay it to teams as they carry out high-risk missions. You’ll receive extensive combat and survival skills and deploy around the world in a variety of climatic conditions. As a SOWT Specialist, you’ll always be ready at a moment’s notice to carry out the next mission.

Career Tasks

  • Plan, supervise, give instructions and perform evaluations on special operations weather teams
  • Collect, analyze, and predict oceanographic, meteorological and space atmosphere conditions; merge and prepare reports on weather advisories, warnings, and inclement environmental conditions
  • Collect weather data, observe meteorological conditions and integrate into military making decisions
  • Learn how to read and interpret weather satellite imagery, climatology reports and computerized weather prediction

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