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Tactical Aircraft Maintenance (TAM)

Maintain and service tactical fighter aircraft as a crew chief.

Tactical aircraft is another name for fighter jet, and in the field of Tactical Aircraft Maintenance (TAM), you’ll train to be a crew chief in charge of an Air Force combat plane. Your classroom will be an aircraft hanger. Every day you’ll wake up, hit the books in the hangar and then hit the plane to try out what you just learned. You’ll learn how to maintain and repair the major systems of the aircraft and be fully responsible for making sure the plane is ready to fly. When you graduate, you’ll go to a base, be assigned a plane and take responsibility for it. That’s when your name will be painted on the side of the aircraft.

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School location: Sheppard AFB (Wichita Falls, TX)
Length of course: 67 days
CCAF Degree: Aerospace Maintenance Technology
College credits earned: 22