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Technical Applications Specialist (TAS)

Collect and analyze data in order to protect the nation from weapons of mass destruction.

Detecting nuclear detonations is the primary responsibility of Technical Applications Specialists. You’ll need to excel in math, science and physics as you’ll learn to gather and analyze seismic data and operate, maintain and repair seismic equipment around the world. Classes are at the collegiate level, requiring a great deal of study. You’ll also learn technical skills when you learn how to troubleshoot and repair everything from circuits to circuit boards in order to maintain sensor arrays — sets of multiple sensors placed in a wide pattern to gather as much data as possible. That means you could someday find yourself in remote locations, working on equipment in the hills of South Korea or the plains of Germany.

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School location: Goodfellow AFB (San Angelo, TX)
Length of course: 45 days
CCAF Degree: Scientific Analysis Technology
College credits earned: 45